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As your authorized independent Forever Living Products Distributer, we are able to offer you a great variety of natural health and beauty products in over 146 countries around the globe. You can order our products in 11 countries conveniently online.

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Forever Living Products is approved by the ministries of health in 140 countries.
We sell our products for more then 32 years and have over 9.2 million satisfied customers.

Our Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel received the International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval and the “K” Kosher rating, and has been passed by The Islamic Seal of Approval. All Forever Living products and ingredients are warranted as not tested on animals!

The Proof Magazine rated Forever Living's Aloe Vera gel "The Best Aloe Vera Juice", saying it "is arguably the best selling aloe product in the world"

We are dedicating ourselves to seek out nature’s best sources for health and beauty and offering them to the world. We are very proud that we have benefited millions around the world, and promise to continue our pursuit of quality and excellence, thus ensuring that we continue to give you what you need to maintain the vitality you deserve!

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Certified by International Aloe Science Council
Certified by International Aloe Science Council

Kosher Rating

Kosher Rating

Islamic Seal of Approval
Islamic Seal of Approval

Not Tested on Animals
Not Tested on Animals

Aloe Vera -
The Wonder Drug of this Century?

"If Aloe Vera was to be discovered today,
and its remarkable healing properties investigated, it would be hailed as the wonder drug of this century."

Source: Dr. Ivan Danhof, Ph.D.M.D   

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Proof Magazine rated our Aloe Vera gel:

British Proof Magazine's rating of Forever Living Products Aloe Vera gel "The Best Aloe Vera Juice", saying it "is arguably the best selling aloe product in the world"

Proof Magazine rated Forever Living Products Aloe Vera gel

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"The major advance in the next twenty years will not be hi-tech improvements in surgery or therapeutics, but in individuals taking responsibilities for their own health"

Source: British Medical Journal

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